Who We Are

Mike and Mitchell Anderson have been married over 30 years. From the beginning they shared a dream of farming. Midvale Farm is that dream.

“We raise organic, grass fed, beef and pork. My wife manages the 430 acre farm in Central Virginia with the help of 4 full time employees and multiple seasonal workers.

Our farming techniques are focused on sustainability, organics, and humane animal husbandry. We sell retail cuts of meat to both consumers and local food trucks. For interest outside our local area we ship direct to homes / businesses through parcel post.

In addition to farming we have a small farmhouse on the property that we rent out as a B&B for farm visitors, travelers, or tourists to the area.

Our desire is to one day produce for retail sales vegetables, honey, and berries.”

- Mike Anderson

Our Motto

Midvale Farm is a welcoming place for all; where people, animals, and the land are always treated with Respect and Dignity.